AETNA - Financial Wellness

Selling the benefits of financial wellness in a 60 second video.



Corporate video can often be deadly, with viewers rarely making it past the first 10 seconds or so. The trick is to keep the message short and concise. Beautiful visuals help too.

When Aetna asked Voya to develop a video presentation promoting their new Financial Wellness Works program, Team VMX was asked to take up the challenge. Our mandate was to develop a short teaser that talked about the program’s benefits and, ultimately, directed viewers to further information. With little more than an outline, our creative team developed the script and storyboard.

Creatively, we chose to emphasize moments from everyday life – connecting those moments to the peace of mind and security that the program seeks to make possible. In order to keep costs down, we leveraged stock video footage rather than shoot live action scenes. This provided the opportunity to illustrate a truly diverse group of people. The video clips and supporting screen visuals were married together with recorded voice over narration and music track to create the final piece.


  • Worked with the Voya account team and the Aetna client to develop the script and storyboard.
  • Developed an overall visual design to be used throughout the piece.
  • Recorded the video narration and sourced all stock video clips and music track to be used.
  • Composited all elements together in Adobe After Effects to create the final video.