OSGP - Tradeshow Collateral

Helping a State Retirement Organization put their best foot forward.


Project Summary

A value added benefit to working with Voya Financial Services is that they often supply client-branded communications support geared towards promoting plan participation among their client's employee community. As part of our ongoing partnership, team VisionMix is often asked to help Voya help their clients. The Oregon Savings Growth Plan – or OSGP – was just such a case.

In support of the OSGP's marketing and promotion effort around National Save for Retirement Day, we worked with Voya to design and develop a holistic messaging campaign. Beginning with creative strategy and thematic develop, we developed a multifaceted series of branded communications components - from emails to powerPoints to flyers to microsite - that culminated in a coordinating signage for a large event at the Salem Convention Center.

What We Did

  • We worked closely with the Voya and OSGP teams to develop an overall strategy and thematic that would serve as the basis for all subsequent campaign materials.
  • We developed an overarching creative and visual design treatment that leveraged and complimented existing OSGP branding elements.
  • With the design theme in place, we developed:
    • Email signature blocks and communication templates
    • PowerPoint templates
    • Flyers and handouts
    • Event signage
    • Event activity concept and creative assets
    • Campaign microsite