VOYA - Benchmark Wizard

Making it easier for retirement plan administrators to see how they measure up to the competition



In 2005, Voya Financial (then ING) engaged team VMX to develop a tool to automate the process of developing retirement plan benchmark reports – essentially comparing a given plan to others within its business / industry sector based on various available data resources.

The goal of the project was to allow ING plan administrators and TPAs to easily generate the report documents as part of their annual plan review process. These PDF formatted reports could also be used as a sales tool – highlighting plan deficiencies or inconsistencies for which ING could provide valuable solutions. The tool was a huge success, becoming an invaluable resource for the company.

In 2015, Voya engaged VMX to help modernize and update the underlying technology that the tool was built on. We transitioned from the existing Adobe Flash and ASP.NET architecture to an open-source HTML and PHP solution, making the tool easier to update and migrate in-house should Voya want to do so. While mobile use was not the focus of the rebuild, a significant percentage of users were believed to be accessing the tool via tablet, so basic responsive capabilities were a must.

The result was an almost entirely new tool, ready for the next phase of its ongoing success.


  • Rebuilt the original application using a combination of HTML, CSS3 and jQuery for front-end development and PHP/MySQL for database communication.
  • Performed basic visual updates to conform to Voya’s new branding / visual design guidelines.
  • Implemented an easier / more efficient data update process based that leveraged the updated technology approach.
  • Implemented analytics / metrics reporting capabilities so that Voya could track overall usage.
  • Added security measure to restrict outside access to the tool.