VOYA - "Jane" & The Road to Retirement

Telling the story of retirement… and how Voya is there at every step of the way.



Each year, Voya hosts an annual Corporate Markets National Training Conference in order to align messaging and sales goals for the year to come. Voya’s marketing team is tasked with developing the meetings central theme and the various communications elements that are to be used throughout the conference, primarily the meeting opener.

For the 2014 meeting, the Voya team was seeking to develop a more interactive and engaging experience focusing on their “1 to 21” pathway approach to holistic retirement planning. The goal of the opening presentation was to illustrate how Voya’s retirement plans impact participants across various stages of their lives, underscoring the conference central theme – “Building For The Future”.

With this in mind, Voya asked team VMX to help develop a creative approach that would bring life to this concept … to make it real. Our solution was to examine the life of a virtual participant – Jane – who was to be shown through various stages of her life. Through four separate sequences – starting with “young Jane” and concluding with “old Jane” – we sought to illustrate how the financial and retirement decisions made by young Jane affect the outcome for old Jane. Between each sequence, a presenter would come out and discuss Voya’s relevance in the story, relating Jane’s various life-stage actions to milestones on the pathway to retirement.

We worked closely with Voya to develop the storyboard and scripting for each sequence. In order to keep costs down, we leveraged stock video footage rather than shoot live action scenes. We scoured available libraries to find a series of clips – ideally using the same actors – that could be stitched together to tell our story. The video clips and supporting screen visuals were married together with recorded voice over narration and music track to create the final piece.


  • Worked with the Voya marketing team to develop the script and storyboard.
  • Developed an overall visual design to be used throughout the piece, including static backdrops to be used between each sequence.
  • Recorded the video narration and sourced all stock video clips to be used.
  • Composited all elements together in Adobe After Effects to create the final video segments.
  • Worked closely with event staff to ensure supplied files met all technical requirements.