VOYA - My Savings Score / State of Savings

Measuring America’s retirement readiness: Two online tools designed to help users track their progress towards a more secure retirement.



The Voya Retirement Research Institute collects knowledge, insights and information to help customers be retirement ready. In advance of National Savings Week, Voya and the RRI were looking for an engaging way to illustrate some key findings relative to how individual states matched up in terms of retirement readiness. This same data was also used to develop a simple metric – a “Savings Score” – by which users could quickly assess their own individual state of readiness.

Team VMX worked with Voya to design and develop two companion online tools:

  • The "State of Savings" interactive map, highlighting state-by-state statistics on retirement readiness
  • The "My Savings Score" retirement calculator, allowing users to quickly measure their retirement readiness and then receive tips for improving their score

Both tools were developed using HTML / jQuery and were based on the Drupal CMS platform in accordance with Voya web standards. The Savings Score tool was also developed to be responsive, allowing mobile users to use the calculator as well.


  • Designed and developed a reusable interface framework for the tools, ensuring continuity of user experience.
  • Developed an engaging, desktop optimized experience for the interactive map component using a combination of static HTML and jQuery.
  • Developed a Drupal based calculator that allowed users to determine their specific Savings Score based on data points and calculations that can be modified via an administrative interface.
  • Integrated an anonymous data-collection capability into the Savings Score tool that allows Voya to gather aggregate data for continued refinement of savings metrics.