VOYA - MyOrangeMoney VNR

Building the buzz: Introducing the benefits of Voya’s new web tool in a brief teaser video.



In 2014, Voya was finalizing the development of their new myOrangeMoney® experience, designed to shift the focus from thinking about the importance of savings today (a sometimes difficult concept to sell) to the more tangible concept of everyday income needs in retirement. The tool uses a dollar bill visual as it central interface component, representing the user’s retirement income needs, their income sources and any identified shortfall. Users are prompted to enter their personal information and then try various scenarios to “fill” their dollar.

As Voya prepared for the release of this new tool, they wanted to generate excitement – both within their existing client base and across the wider industry. VMX was asked to develop a brief video teaser, highlighting the tool’s benefits and also showing features of the interface. The challenge to this was that much of the tool’s core functionality was still in the final stages of development.

Working from static screenshots and mockups, we developed the video’s script and storyboard. Wherever possible, our plan was to let the tool itself be the hero. Our voiceover narration and screen visuals were designed to highlight the primary areas of the tool – simulating functionality in order to illustrate how it was intended to work. We combined these segments with stock video footage to create a fluid, cohesive narrative.


  • Worked with the Voya marketing team to develop the script and storyboard.
  • Developed an overall visual design to be used throughout the piece.
  • Used supplied screen static visuals to simulate the tool’s various features and functionality.
  • Recorded the video narration and sourced all stock video clips and music track to be used.
  • Composited all elements together in Adobe After Effects to create the final video.