VOYA - Seminar Engagement Experience

Helping a long-time client find its new voice.



When ING transitioned to Voya in 2014 there was a mad dash to update all manner of internal and external communication materials – brochures, television advertising, websites, you name it. Team VMX was happily along for the ride, updating numerous tools, demos and online platforms developed for ING over the years.

When the dust had settled and the highest-priority items were checked off the list, Voya began to examine some of their remaining needs. This included their library of seminar presentations, delivered to plan participants at the behest of plan sponsors to help boost employee engagement and participation. The challenge was that the perceived need went well beyond just updating the PowerPoint templates. The content was thought to be stale and in need of a wider review, and the rebrand provided an excuse to give the presentation a new voice.

VMX worked closely with Voya and a new content development partner to review the existing slide visuals, breaking them down to their component parts. Our goal was to craft a new message … and a new way to tell it. We shied away from simply updating a series of text slides, opting instead to use visuals wherever possible and allowing the presenter to tell the story. Though we worked within the updated Voya brand guidelines, we tried to push the envelope in order to make a more compelling overall presentation.


  • Worked hand in hand with Voya content providers to craft a new and refined message.
  • Worked closely with Voya’s brand team, ensuring all new slide visuals were inline with the emerging brand aesthetic.
  • Provided PowerPoint production support, taking responsibility for updating the various decks and developing screen animations to add visual impact to the content.