VOYA - Standard eBook Template

Using the economy of scale to bring an interactive communication platform to Voya Financial’s plan participants.



From online tools to mobile apps, Voya Financial strongly embraces the use of technology to improve the way in which it communicates with plan participants. For their larger clients they go the extra mile, creating custom tools and platforms that reflect the specific requests of the given plan sponsor. Digital e-books are just such a tool, and Team VMX has worked with Voya (and ING before) over the years to field custom e-books for several of their large corporate market clients.

The costs to design and develop these e-books, however, can sometimes prove to be a barrier. With this in mind, Voya partnered with VMX to develop a standardized template and development methodology that could be used to expedite the creation of each individual book.

We began by comparing all previous e-books, noting points of commonality and highlighting areas that would need to be customized for each client. We also sought ways to refine and streamline the overall development process, allowing our team to create a basic shell – complete with custom colors and graphics – within a day.

The template was designed to be responsive, using a tab-driven menu structure along the top of the page that collapsed into a pop-up menu on smaller screen formats. A masthead banner area on the homepage allowed each book to have its own unique look. Visuals within each tab were kept largely generic, with only colors and branding elements being modified. We used collapsible accordion boxes to accommodate site areas where the most content customization would be required. Each e-book is developed using static HTML, jQuery and CSS – allowing for it to be fielded into virtually any client-specific environment.

Beyond the baseline template, we worked with Voya to develop a menu of items that could be further customized for an additional cost. In this way, project managers could work with their clients to accurately define requirements and associated costs.


  • Designed and developed a standard visual and navigational shell to be used across all e-books.
  • Used a responsive HTML, jQuery and CSS development approach that allowed us to efficiently modify common theme elements.
  • Developed an MS Excel content map intended to expedite the content input process.