COTY - Love2Love email campaign

Creating a versatile email template ... then putting it to use


Project Overview

Love 2 Love is one of Coty's lower-tier fragrance brands and as such doesn't get quite as much brand support resources as some of the larger houses or celebrity brands. With this in mind, the brand team has to be creative - and resourceful - in their digital communications plans.

VisionMix was tasked with developing an attractive and eye catching series of email communications that could be used throughout the year to help build brand awareness and promote seasonal offers. The team wanted each to feel unique, yet needed to be budget conscious. 

From a design perspective, the campaign needed to capture the aspirational nature of the products while not being tied to a specific campaign thematic or visual. In this way the email elements would have a longer lifespan.

What we did

  • Working with Coty's 3rd party email platform, we designed a flexible template structure that would serve as the foundation for all campaign e-mail communications.

  • Established best practices were at the core of the design process, ensuring optimal delivery and click-through. 

  • The final template was developed using a modular approach – containing a series of reusable content blocks that allowed for swift and efficient email design and deployment while ensuring overall consistency across the campaign.