ITT ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS - Capabilities Presentation

More than just a PowerPoint: Redefining the capabilities presentation for ITT Electronic Systems.



In the right hands, PowerPoint can be a rich and powerful communication tool. More often than not, however, it can also be staid and boring. Without a dynamic presenter at the controls, slide based content often falls short of the mark.

ITT Electronic Systems was seeking a mechanism to tell its story – from its vision to its core competencies – in an interactive and engaging format. Whether the target audience was a new hire, a sales prospect, or a tradeshow visitor, the story was pretty much the same.

With overall costs and redundant efforts an ever-present issue, ITT was hoping to find a single tool that could speak to each audience in a slick and engaging manner. Team VMX was tasked with the challenge.


  • Starting with base PowerPoint slides, we designed a slick user interface that brought the presentation to life – integrating video, sound, and animation effects to create a unified multimedia experience.
  • Working in Adobe Flash, we developed a core presentation shell that could be deployed in various ways – via the web, as a laptop-based sales tool, or as a tradeshow kiosk – to meet the unique needs of each audience.
  • We implemented a combination of linear and non-linear navigational tools that allowed users to move through the content along their own path.