COTY - Tim McGraw Contest Microsite

Helping to generate some campaign buzz for a Country Music legend's new fragrance launch


Project Overview

Coty's McGraw by Tim McGraw brand team was seeking help in the promotion of a new flanker fragrance - McGraw Silver. Working with their promotion agency, the team developed a sweepstakes contest concept to serve as the central component of the launch strategy.

As part of this initiative, team VisionMix was tasked with the design and development of the campaign microsite that would serve as the primary mechanism for sweepstakes entry. The microsite was to be established with a unique URL for the purposes of the campaign, but also needed to be integrated into the existing brand site.

In addition to the microsite, we were asked to design and develop a series of campaign email communications to help generate awareness and drive overall traffic.

What we did

  • Working with Coty's promotion agency, we developed the campaign microsite such that it met all legal compliance requirements.

  • We developed a visual design for the campaign microsite that integrated seamlessly with existing marketing and brand visuals while also tying in key campaign elements.

  • We designed and developed a modular email template that allowed for swift and efficient design and deployment while ensuring overall consistency across the campaign.

  • Established best practices were at the core of the design process, ensuring optimal delivery and click-through.