COTY - Stetson Caliber Launch Support

Helping an iconic brand launch its newest fragrance


Project Overview

In our first brand assignment with Coty Beauty , VisionMix was tasked with the design and management of the Stetson Cologne website. In this capacity, we have overseen numerous site content update and design refresh projects, generally in conjunction with an upcoming product release.

As part of the efforts supporting the launch of Coty's Stetson Caliber fragrance we were also asked to develop a robust email campaign that promoted and supported site activities – from the initial campaign launch campaign to general followups and sign-up responses. The goal was to develop a series of rich email communications that shared a common framework and design aesthetic yet served unique and disparate marketing objectives.

What We Did

  • Working with Coty's 3rd party email platform, we designed a flexible template structure that would serve as the foundation for all campaign e-mail communications.

  • Established best practices were at the core of the design process, ensuring optimal delivery and click-through. 

  • The final template was developed using a modular approach – containing a series of reusable content blocks that allowed for swift and efficient email design and deployment while ensuring overall consistency across the campaign.