ITT EXELIS - Capabilities Brochure

Working within – and pushing – the limits of corporate design to help a long-time client transition their branding with a new company name.



As most designers with corporate clients will tell you, working within established brand guidelines is often a very restrictive and frustrating process. More often than not, it's just as challenging for your internal client, who is likely looking for something new and different.

In each case, our goal is to work within the corporate guidelines – pushing the limits where possible – to create a piece that fits within the larger corporate family, yet stands out as a unique communication element.

Over the last decade, team VMX has worked on numerous design projects for ITT Industries various divisions. From brochures and info-graphics, to tradeshow visuals and large-format poster graphics, we’ve done it all. In 2012, ITT broke its subdivisions into various smaller companies – each with their own unique name and brand standards.

Working in conjunction with ITT’s longtime content specialist – Lazar Creative Services – team VMX is helping these divisions recast their existing brand communication materials. The example here reflects a typical brochure layout and related PowerPoint template completed for ITT Defense Electronics & Services that needed to be updated to fit within the new ITT Exelis brand standards.


  • Developed a unique visual design approach that fits within the new company’s updated visual guidelines and standards.
  • We provided various initial approaches to content layout and revised to client direction through an iterative and collaborative design process.
  • We worked with in-house and external print production team members to ensure maximum quality of final product.