Helping a leading defense and electronics manufacturer shine during an industry tradeshow event.


Project Summary

In preparation for an upcoming trade show, ITT Electronic Systems was seeking to develop a brief sizzle reel that could be looped in their kiosk setup. The goal was to provide a high-level overview of their core competencies utilizing eye catching animation and engaging visuals.

Ideally, the animation would leverage design elements of the booth and signage elements to promote a clear and consistent brand image across the kiosk.

What we did

  • Working with supplied stock footage and static graphic elements, we designed an overall creative treatment for use in the animation.
  • As part of the design process, we reviewed the other collateral elements that would be showcased at the kiosk and used these as source elements for developing out the animation.
  • With the creative treatment in place, we developed a storyboard that illustrated overall movement and key-frames of the animation.
  • We then built out the animation using Adobe After Effects as our primary authoring tool.
  • The music score was added in the final stages of the animation development, allowing us to sync key frames with specific moments from the audio.