IRC - 75 Years: From Harm to Home

Helping a non-profit share their 75-year history of helping others.



In support of their 75th anniversary, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) was looking to develop a dynamic and engaging way of communicating the group’s storied history of bringing aid to those in need. Working in conjunction with a design team who was creating a companion print piece, VMX designed and developed an animated video-based presentation that told the tale … year-by-year and crisis-by-crisis.

Using a graphic timeline as the central element, we broke the relevant information down by decade – from the 1920’s through to the 2000’s. We created an animated introductory segment for each decade followed by content blocks for each specific milestone. Using the static photography used in the print piece, we created animated sequences for each milestone by slowly tracking across multiple visuals, telling a unique story with each element.

Graphic quote elements from committee leaders and famous historical figures were also added throughout the piece, providing additional historical context and visual interest.


  • Designed an animated timeline theme and visual setting that served as the primary backdrop for the full piece, conveying the key IRC milestones and as well as the historical context in which they took place.
  • Worked with a content team to isolate text and visual elements to support each of those milestones.
  • These elements were then combined to create a seamless, flowing animation loop that takes the viewer through each decade of the IRC’s history – from 1940 to 2012.