COTY - Balenciaga Fragrances

Bringing new life to a prestigious brand’s online persona.



Balenciaga Fragrances is one of Coty Beauty’s elite “prestige” brands – a luxury scent that closely parallels the licensor brand’s high-end product line. VMX helped Coty’s Paris-based, Balenciaga brand team build a new Drupal site in 2011 – working closely with their London-based agency and French ECRM partner. Following the launch, the site was transitioned to a local team to perform updates and maintenance.

When the brand team moved to New York City in 2014, they once again called on VMX to help support the site, and – ultimately – to redesign it. The goal of the update was two-fold: bring the site’s visual design more closely in line with the updated look and feel parent, and migrate the site from the existing Drupal 6.19 environment to Coty’s new Drupal 7 framework. The updated visual design was developed to be responsive, presenting a seamless user experience across devices.

As part of the update process, the site’s opt-in and “Hidden Garden” user databases needed to be transitioned from the French team to Coty’s U.S. partner. VMX worked seamlessly with all parties to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.


  • We developed an entirely new visual design for the site, leveraging new brand elements and advertising materials to ensure a seamless integration with other campaign efforts.
  • We built the site using a responsive design HTML and jQuery development approach, providing a seamless user experience from desktop to tablet to mobile.
  • We worked with the brand team to bring campaign content elements – such as the “Hidden Garden” – to life in an engaging, interactive format.
  • We worked in tandem with Coty’s supporting 3rd party partners and their platforms, transitioning all site related content and data to the new Drupal 7 platform.
  • We developed supporting graphic email templates designed to drive traffic to the site.